Principles & Practices of Banking-Quiz 1

Principles & Practices of Banking-Quiz

There are 50 questions in this Mock Test

1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is …… (i) A pre‐sales activity, (ii) A tool for lead
generation, (iii) An ongoing daily activity


2. Bancassurance can be sold to ……


3. One of the following is a target for the marketing of internet banking ……


4. What is meant by “micro-blogging”? (i) Blogging daily, (ii) Blogs which are posted by companies,
not individuals, (iii) Blogs with limited individual posts, limited by character count typically


5. A good seller should have the following quality/qualities? (i) Devotion to the work, (ii)
Submissive, (iii) Sympathy


6. Which of the following statements is correct in regard to credit card? (i) Credit cards are put
intan imprinter machine and the information on card is recorded on an invoice or other
document, known as ‘charge slip’, (ii) The name and emblem of card issuing bank are server
printed on the card, (iii) The credit card bears a specimen of the card holder’s signature and in
some cases even his photograph.


7. Who proposed 4Cs in marketing?


8. Transactions of Internet Banking includes ……

(i) Withdrawal of cash anywhere in India,

(ii) Statement of account for a specific period,

(iii) Transfer of funds from one account to another


9. Which of the following is not an input device in a computer system?


10. Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of India comprises of …… members, …… from the RBI and
…… nominated by the Government


11. Which are the ingredients of product mix? (i) Advertising, (ii) Public relation, (iii) Sales


12. What is concept Marketing?


13. ESOP stand for ……


14. The recipient of a digitally signed message can verify the authenticity of the message by use of
which of the following key?


15. Globally, the banks are technology that will gradually give new dimension …… of banks. (i)
Products, (ii) Services, (iii) Delivery systems


16. The Debit card offers ……


17. Forfaiting helps the exporter in the following ways…… (i) provides increased trade opportunity,
(ii) provides 100 per cent financing, (iii) helps the exporter to transfer various risk resulted from
deferred payments


18. Home loans are granted to ……


19. Fund based credit facilities include …… (i) Term loan for acquisition of fixed assets, (ii) Cash
credit facility, (iii) Bill purchase facility


20. Expand ICDT Model


21. The sole aim of marketing is to ……


22. Which of the following is not the professional market research agency?


23. Which of the following is NOT a base for Market segmentation?


24. Information Technology (IT) is looked at as an integrated technology of ……


25. Which of the following is a benefit of strategic alliance? (i) Ability to bring together the
complementary skills and assets that neither company could easily develop on its own, (ii)
Providing added value to the customer i.e. value addition, (iii) Expansion of channels and
market presence


26. When a company issues shares to a select group of investor which is neither a public issue nor a
rights issue, it is called ……


27. Which of the following is/are the stages of product life cycle? (i) Introduction, (ii) Growth, (iii)


28. A savings account is treated as a dormant account if there is no operation in the account for the
last …… years.


29. what relationship is created when the bank collects a cheque in clearing?


30. A customer has balance in his saving bank account. In which of the following cases, the bank’s
right of set of can be used for recovery of a loan?


31. Which of the following is NOT an important component of ‘PROMOTIONAL MIX‘?


32. Which of the following is not the common objective pursued by firms for short term?


33. Bank Marketing means ……


34. Home loans are granted to ……


35. Which of the following statement is/are correct? (i) Price exist in different forms for products of
different nature, (ii) Price affects the consumer behaviour in deciding about acquiring the
product, (iii) Price is the only element that produces revenues


36. Which of the following features do not match in case of goods and services, as a product?


37. Effective marketing helps in …… (i) Developing new products, (ii) Creating a competitive
environment, (iii) Building demand for product


38. What are the benefits of credit card for its holder? (i) Card holder is relieved of the
risk/Botheration/tension of carrying cash while staying in hotels, dinning in restaurants,
shopping, Buying air or rail tickets etc, (ii) Card holder can draw money from ATMs


39. The forfeiter is an intermediary between ……


40. Promotion in Marketing means ……


41. National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) is promoted by ……


42. In Modems (whose the wrong one) …… (i) Digital signals are amplified, (ii) Several digital signals
are multiplexed, (iii) AC is converted DC


43. Banking means acceptance of …… for the purpose of lending and …… u/s …… of Banking
Regulation Act


44. The term ‘hot card’ refers to (a) lost card (b) stolen card (c) misplaced card (d) misused card.
Which combination is correct?


45. A club is maintaining current account which is operated by Secretary and Treasurer jointly. The
treasurer dies and a cheque signed by him and Secretary is presented


46. Your branch receives a garnishee order in the name of your customer Mr. Trivedi, who has the
following deposits accounts with your branch. Which of these can be attached under this
garnishee order?


47. If a bond is issued with the provision that the investor has option to replace the bond with
equity at a fixed price, it is called ……


48. Which social network is considered the most popular for business to business marketing?


49. A restaurant provides food as well as service along with the infrastructure for use. This type of
product can be classified as ……


50. Merchant bankers are ……


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